What do people say about My Coaching, systems frameworks?
Rachel Pedersen | Social Media Strategist
Multiple 2CC Award Winning Agency & Coach
Jim Edwards | 2CCX Award Winner
Creator of Funnel Scripts
Kristin Spencer | Literary Symmetry Agency
Copy Program Student
Kaci Brown | Online Business Coach
2CC Award Winning Marketing Agency Owner
James Zolman | Grunt Workers VA Agency
Copy Program Student
Eileen Wilder | Million-Dollar Virtual Events 
2CC Award Winner 
Tereza Toledo | Pinterest Strategist
Student Writer Testimonial
Johnny Aiken | Digital Marketer
Copy Program Student
Bart Miller | 2CCX Award Winner
Ecommerce Expert & High-Ticket Coach
Dustin McKay | Entrepreneur
Copy Program Student
Kinsey Machos | Online Business Coach
Coaching Student
Annemarie Zeretis | Copywriter
Copy Program Student
Nichole Howson | VA Agency Owner 
Coaching Student
Marley Jaxx | Jaxx Productions
Multiple 2CC Award Winning Video Strategist
Sema Robbins | Be Top Local Agency
2CC Award Winning Marketing Agency Owner
Trey Bearor | MLM Misfits
Student Writer Testimonial
What do people say about My sales copywriting & consulting?
"Christa is one of the most talented copywriters I've ever encountered and someone I go to when I'm stuck and looking for copy that will absolutely dazzle my audience." - Rachel Pedersen, The Viral Touch Agency & Social Media United
"We were able to take a brand new product and with the messaging Christa helped us to create, we were able to launch that group and to sell our upfront beta offer. We generated over $12,400 in upfront revenue before we even created the product." - Jamie Atkinson, The Podcast Junkie
"There's nothing Christa can't do with words. She's absolutely stunning in taking a message and crafting a piece of work that is going to do the job." 
- Julie Eason, Thanet House Publishing
"if you're looking for someone to help you articulate your message, and you're just not sure how to get it out of your own head, then I honestly cannot recommend you go to Christa Nichols enough." - Chris Benetti, MembersPro
"She knows what's going to create amazing results, and honestly, she's been incredible in every single project I've worked with her on." - Marley Jaxx, Jaxx Productions
"If you have the opportunity to work with Christa in any capacity, whether that's her writing your ads or her coaching, I highly recommend it. Her ad copy has been nothing short of amazing." - Sema Erzouki, Digital Marketing Strategist
"I've had the opportunity to hire a lot of marketers and a lot of copywriters. I have nothing but good things to say. I highly endorse her course." - Dustin McKay, Outsourcing Freedom
"Christa basically took something that was maybe a level seven and took it to a ten. I highly recommend Christa. She's the best of the best. She'll make magic for you." - Kelly Schuh, Worth International
"It's really hard to find a copywriter who can listen and understand funnels and strategy. I absolutely love working with her." - Jessica Walman, JW Agency
"Learning from Christa changed how I view copy. It has completely changed how I write." - Tereza Toledo, Pinterest Strategist
"Christa went through my sales copy for my funnel ... and it went from a funnel that was barely converting to a highly converting funnel just by switching up the copy." - Nichole Howson, AIM Social 
"Christa really helped kind of uncover certain parts of my copy and content that weren't serving me well and the things that were, and totally changed the game." - Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist
"Shout out to the amazing Christa Nichols! She has helped me to streamline my message and make it very clear to my ideal clients. She's fun, she's determined, and she's definitely really, really good at what she does." - Olga Fomenko, Expert Brand Hub
"Not only is Christa an amazing writer, but she also has a enormous grasp of marketing strategy. So when she writes, she knows exactly where and how her copy is going to be fitting into the entire customer journey." - Yael Bendahan, Digital Marketer 
"I really struggled as an entrepreneur with how to talk to my ideal clients without sounding salesy. Christa has taught me how to reach them in such a deeply authentic way." - Angela Aja, AIM Social 
"I've purchased at least over a dozen copywriting courses. Ranked in my top three is easily Christa Nichols' Written Results. The comprehensiveness of it is something I've never seen in any other course I've taken." - James Zolman, Grunt Workers
"Wow! May I call you Santa Christa because this page is an incredible Christmas gift! You absolutely nailed this and this has to be one of the easiest to read, smoothest flowing, and most effective while not being crazy super-hard sell sales pages I have ever read! Thank you so much. The tone is perfect. And it builds Rapport amazingly effectively and therefore does not require lowbrow sales tactics. In other words, liking the protagonist and trusting them makes the pitch simple, easy, and effortless. Excellent work!" - Jonathan Bailor, SANE Solution
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