How Would Things Change For Your Campaigns If Your Writers Had Everything They Needed To Eat, Sleep and Breathe Your Sales Messaging? 
Learn How My Proven Multi-Million Dollar Earning Frameworks, Systems, and Trainings Can Make A HUGE Difference In Your Sales Campaign Results From INSIDE Your Biz!
  • Customizable: I create brand voice trainings specific to your needs so no matter how many writers you have, they can all produce consistent copy in your voice
  • Accessible: I also include high-level sales conversion copywriting video trainings housed inside a private training area that's available to your writers 24/7
  • Scalable: My copywriting frameworks, guides, templates, infographics, and business processes all come with too!
  • Hands-On:  You can even choose to get my personal monthly consultation on your campaigns and regular Q&A sessions with your writers

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Here's What My Students Have To Say ...

"Having Christa as my coach has given me a huge boost of confidence. Now every time I sit down to write a sales page, email sequence, or social media ad I feel certain that I'll have a solid end product. That's because Christa has shown me how to write strong headlines, follow frameworks that connect with the target audience, and conclude with clear CTA'. This has not just been theoretical training. I've put all of this onto practice by writing copy for clients and they've been extremely pleased with the results. Recently, I also landed a position with an ad agency. They were very impressed with my portfolio which has is now full of strong writing because of Christa's guidance." - Laura Phenegar

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